Data Privacy Notice

Information about data privacy

You can use our form for submitting information without disclosing your identity.

If you send us information, the data you communicated will be used for corresponding with you.

If you communicate your email address with the information you provide, we assume that we have the right to reply to you via email. If this is not the case, you should explicitly indicate another means of communication.

Communicating via email may be subject to security gaps. For example, emails can be intercepted and viewed on their way to the Berlin Police by experienced internet users.

When you use the information form, the Berlin Police will only receive the content entered in the data fields. Before submitting the information form, you are asked to give your consent for the communicated data to be stored.

Data security

Data security is guaranteed by the operator of the website.

Storage of your IP address

An IP address is a number that identifies devices on the internet. Your internet provider assigns you this number and renders you addressable, contactable and if necessary identifiable for the investigating authorities.

In the case of the present service, no user IP addresses are transmitted to the Berlin Police.